The small ripening of cheeses

A lifelong passion

In the small ripening you will find cheeses from small producers national and international, result of a careful research that the Castagna family has been doing for over 60 years.

In the cellars of the Ornavasso company the secrets of the dairy art are passed down from generation to generation. Today Giuseppe Castagna would like to share with the guests the passion for the selection of unique cheeses fruit of the knowledge of old montain cheesemakers that from years characterizes and gives value to the family company know all over the world as a synonym of quality and professionality.

In the small shop you will be welcomed from unique fragrances released by alpine cheeses typical of our valleys and many others delicacies mainly produced from raw milk that enclose the aromas of our territory and the perfumes of the pastures from which they come.

The different time of seasoning and years of productions, the combination of tradition and innovation offer a selection of product aimed at satisfy the most demanding gourmands and heterogeneous taste.

The atmosphere that will welcome you in our little shop will be very convivial, simple and informal where you can plunge in the tradition and rediscover ancient knowledge and tastes.