Welcome to
Casa Castagna

Your moment of taste and wellbeing
on the shores of lake Mergozzo.

Give yourself a moment of relaxation: discover our small cheese ripening, let yourself be delighted by the proposals of our kitchen, and stay in one of our rooms on the lake.

Your holiday on the lake of Mergozzo turns into a daydream.

The house

The Castagna family welcomes you to the sweet waters of lake Mergozzo into this historic house which has characterized Mergozzo since 1620.In house Riva you can appreciate the flavour of real and authentic things, savouring the authenticity of local products in our small Bistrot. Let yourself be enchanted by the history and culture of this ancient residence as well as by the unique charm of lake Mergozzo, a small jewel of the Ossola area.

Rooms on the lake

Imagine to waking up in the morning and overlook a small corner of paradise, in our rooms the dream becomes reality. Your holiday on the lake of Mergozzo will turn into a fabulous dream…

Between food and wine

Unique and genuine ingredients, the quality in the simplicity are theese the ingredients that characterize the small kitchen of house Riva.


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The small ripening of cheeses

Located in our charming historical house dated 1620. The small ripening of cheese will get the guests to rediscover fragances and flavours of the local italian excellences and more.
In the adjacent small little shop a careful selection of cured meats and wines from upcoming small winegrowers, are the backdrop for a place where you can plunge in the tradition and rediscover the quality of products related to our land.